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Are you just starting

To think about a home in sunny Florida?

Are you preliminarily pondering possibilities and palms?

Is it early in the process for you? Are you thinking about considering the possibility of deciding to make a decision about thinking about property in Florida? 🙂   Let’s talk!

Seriously, let’s talk. While it may seem like your search is only beginning, or “just something for down the road”, etc., this is the time when it is great to learn more. Our initial conversation is just that – a conversation.  We can discuss your thoughts and ideas, and consider what is possible, and what may need to be revised. There is no paperwork at this early stage – we’ll get to that later when it’s time for us to start going out and looking at specific properties for you. Remember too, that our chat is confidential. You will be the one decide if and when to tell people about your plans. It is not a sales pitch, it is a discussion – our “No Spam, No Pressure ” promise applies, so please get in touch and look forward to learning the possibilities.


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