Find a Specific Property

Two Ways to Search For it

Perhaps you have seen a for-sale sign on a house; maybe you know the address, or just the street.

You may be new here on LHCM (or you strayed from the path of righteousness and went to some lesser real estate site) so you know the MLS# from a search elsewhere.

Find a Property by Street or Address

A powerful search tool

You do not need to everything about the house, just something!

A little information is enough:

  1. If you enter just the street name, you will see every listed property on that street. 
  2. Partial street names will pull everything containing the information you give.  (Example: If you remember that the street name ends in “dale”.)  Numbers can be given without “th”, and if you forget whether it is “Street” or “Court”, etc. just leave it out and you will see all of the options.
  3. Adding the city or town name will make it more specific.  However, be warned that it is based on how the listing agent (seller’s representative) entered the information. Thus, if a property is near the edge of Deerfield Beach and someone wants to call it “Boca Raton” that is how it will appear.  We cannot control this.
  4. The house number can even be used without a street if needed.  (Example: If you saw 1067 on the mailbox but was a corner or you couldn’t find a street sign, put “1067” and the city or town.)
  5. To find more properties near the one you found with this search, just put the address in a Whole-Map Search, and zoom into the exact area.




Search by MLS number

Every Real Estate Listing has one…

Each property listed by a Realtor anywhere has a unique number, known as an MLS number.  The property details will show one.  In South Florida these will consist of one or two letters and several digits.

Examples would look like: #A1182106 or #RX-01001923.  You can look for one, or several such MLS numbers in this search.  (Note: Those starting with “RX” have a hyphen after the letters, others do not.)