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Types of searches

And when to use them…



 For more detail and features, use the “Find a home!” link on each page.

This gives you choices:

The “ Map Search ” is best when zoomed out if you want to look for something very specific in a large area. Use the clickable buttons to set your price, size, and property type, or “Advanced Search” for more detail.  You can see where matching properties are found and zoom in to see the choices.  Examples: If you want a 4+ bedroom home  for under $135,000; or you want a condo with at least 3 full baths – but you are flexible about location, start here.

The “ Location ” box on the search page allows you to enter one or more towns or zip codes, addresses, buildings, or subdivisions.

The  “ Search in Map feature allows you complete control over the search area. You can check a neighborhood, or look in and near a specific place. When it is checked, only properties in the map will show — zoom or slide the map to find the places you like. It is best when you know almost exactly where you want to locate.

  In the “Localities” selection, found on the main menu on every page, you can use pre-configured easy searches for specific communities, counties, or types of housing.

Specific Property brings you to a choice of street/address or MLS number searches, so you can find a particular listing.

♦ “Saved Favorites takes you to properties or entire searches which you have saved.  If you have not signed up yet, you will get the chance to do it on this screen.  This is a handy way to keep your place while searching.

♦ The Best Search of All is the one we can do for you.  While we strive to provide you the best publicly-available tools for finding a property, there are additional options only available to Realtors®

Search Technique

Some insight and suggestions…

  1. Our default search order is price from lowest to highest.  You can change this with the “Sort” option on the results screen of our searches.
  2. Choose a realistic maximum price.  While you already likely have a budget in mind, we suggest going a little above it, in case we can negotiate a better price; many sellers start with an asking price that is higher than they expect to get.
  3. Choose a realistic minimum price.  No one gives away homes — if the price is too unusually low for the size of the property, there is typically an issue with condition, location, or title.
  4. The Walk Score tab contains neighborhood information, even if you will not be walking to many places.  This is where you can find nearby restaurants, stores, parks, etc.  Their “bigger map” has a great travel-time feature which shows where you can drive, walk, bike, or take transit in a given amount of time.
  5. If your looking for a place to rent, click on “For Rent” and search starting from there.  There are aslo by-county rental searches on the “Localities” menu tab.


When you find the right search, you can save it!  This feature does require signing in, but please keep in mind our our  No Spam, No Pressure” promise.  Click on “Subscribe to this search” and choose whether you want automatic updates and how often.  Here, you can register without any fear that a feeding-frenzy of sales creatures will descend upon you! 



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