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A message from Sam Brown…

You may already know me from the broadcasting industry, possibly from local or network radio; or maybe it’s time for us to meet.    I have been fortunate to participate in such an exciting and fun business, and now  there is an opportunity to promote something else to love — living in Florida!

My latest venture incorporates: this website, carefully designed to be the best place on the internet for South Florida property searches; photography to bring the properties to you if you can’t be here to look in person; and traditional real estate sales.  

If you have ever even thought about the Florida life — let’s talk.  It’s a discussion, not a hard sales pitch.  Feel free to ask questions or share ideas, whether it’s for a move, a seasonal home, retirement, investment, a vacation home or a combination of these ideas.  

I am still in Radio as well as Real Estate, so you may hear my voice in a few places, and discussions of radio happenings or consulting  opportunities are always welcome. 







Understanding the Needs

Not Everyone in Real Estate Knows…

As someone who shares in interest in the broadcasting industry, you know we sometimes have unique needs or preferences when seeking a place to live.

Here are a few of the reasons why this is the best place for those of us in the media world to find property in Tropical Paradise!


In our profession, moves are common, but also confidential.  News of your home search could tip off the competition to staff or format changes that may affect one or more careers or whole markets in serious ways.

When you get in touch here, “what happens in Florida, stays in Florida!” 


If you have been in the business long enough you have probably heard at least a couple of stories of “the boss who lived where he couldn’t hear the station”.

Whether you are a broadcast engineer or DX’er with specific requests, or you just know what you need to receive, we will be happy to include this requirement or preference in your home search.

Media Markets

Do you need to be in a specific market area or DMA?  While most real estate people would require you to define these terms,  you can call us and simply let us know what you need.

When you start to search for your part of paradise, we hope you give our site some of its “weekly cume”, and we’ll always treat you as a “P1”!


Perhaps your programming needs a guest with information, commentary, or perspective on Florida Real Estate, Florida Living, events, or about the Sunshine State generally.

Sam Brown, in addition to being a Realtor®, is a lifelong radio broadcaster, former station owner, manager, air-personality, and engineer.  He knows the subject, and how to talk about it for an audience.

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