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Perhaps you know us, but we don’t know you. You may be enjoying the website, using the great search features, and learning about Florida. But something is holding you back from getting in touch – I have been there too. Like me, you probably worry about “talking to a salesperson” or getting a high-pressure sales pitch and being on someone’s “list” and then being hassled or spammed forever. That is why we have the “no spam, no pressure” promise.

It is as simple as this. If you get in touch or sign up for saved searches or automatic e-mailed listings, we will try to reach you. When we communicate by phone or e-mail, we will ask when you may want to hear from us again or how often, and we will do as you ask. There are no sneaky “opt-out” forms or check boxes, and we will never provide your information to any third party unless a court-order requires it or you ask us to do so. Our communications are kept confidential, and our website uses https: for better security. What is all means is that we will not chase or harass you, and your privacy will be maintained.

Now that you’re not worried… Get in touch!


We avoid the spam and high-pressure sales. 

Florida is fun, and finding your place should be fun too!



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