This page contains two of our search types.  If this is your first time here, please find instructions below the search section on this page.



The “Location” search allows you to enter one or more towns or zip codes.  You can use a combination of cities and zip codes if you want to look in one whole community and part of another (for example if you want to look in all of Pompano Beach, and only the northern parts of Fort Lauderdale that are close to it you would enter “Pompano Beach” plus zip codes 33308, 33334 and 33309). 

The  “Draw on Map” search that allows you complete control over the search area. You can check a neighborhood, or look in and near a specific place. It is best when you know almost exactly where you want to locate.

 Either one allows you to enter your price range and property types such as houses, condos, units for rent, multi-units, land, etc.  There is also a square footage filter, but use it cautiously — some listings do not have the right information supplied by the seller’s or landlord’s agent, so these may not show up in a square footage search. 

When you find the right search, you can save it!  This feature does require signing in, but please keep in mind our our “No Spam, No Pressure ” promise.  Here, you can register without worrying about awakening a marketing monster that will try to devour (at least annoy) you!


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