Common Questions

  1. Why should I have a buyer’s agent, instead of just looking on-line or calling the agent with his name and picture on the sign? We work for you! The agent on the sign works for the seller. You deserve an agent too. Click here  for more details.
  2. I’m moving in from out of state – can you help me find a good home? Absolutely! You have come to best place for this! A major focus of ours is on helping you get your place in Florida when you may not be able to search or shop for it in person. With professional photography from a buyer’s perspective, and careful research, you have “eyes and ears” here in the Sunshine State! “You don’t have to be here to buy here.™”
  3. I am not ready or able to buy right now, can you help me find a place to rent?  Yes, many of the best rentals are those that are offered through Real Estate agents.  You can start your search on this website, by setting the property type to “rental”, or just call and we will work on the search together.
  4. Do you require me to sign anything in advance if I am considering buying? The only paperwork you will sign at the beginning is a Buyer’s Agent Agreement. This does not cost you anything, nor does it obligate you to purchase a property. What it does is to make it official that we are representing you, so that we can devote the resources and energy needed to your home search and purchase.
  5. Is a home inspection really necessary?  Homes, like cars, require maintenance. Some problems are obvious, but many are not. You don’t want to purchase a home and then realize that the roof, electrical system or plumbing needs to be replaced at substantial cost to you.  The home inspection helps protect you from those situations and gives you a negotiating point for repairs to be completed before closing.
  6. I’ve never bought a home before. Where do I start?  Congratulations! Investing in a home is a great way to invest in your future. Let’s work together to consider your budget and credit, your personal style, plus your wants and needs, so we can figure out the type and price range of homes that will best suit you. Then we will find the best properties that meet those criteria, and negotiate the best possible deal on the one you choose. In summary, start by getting in touch – let’s make it happen!
  7. I’m getting ready to retire and move to Florida. What home improvements will yield the most benefit when I sell my present house? This is great news – welcome! There are some improvements that regularly pay off when selling. Kitchen and bath improvements often have good benefit. If you have not already selected a Realtor® in your state, we can refer you to someone good, who can answer these questions based on your local marketplace and help you sell your house at the price and speed that best suits you, while we help you find your place here in the Sunshine State.
  8. I want a great deal and heard purchasing a foreclosure at auction, or buying in a short sale are great ways to get bargains. What are the risks?  These are complex transactions and you’ll definitely want to work with a Realtor®. The home may have been illegally foreclosed, could have significant damage or otherwise be a bad investment for reasons that are not obvious. Many owners offer short sales without any certainty of bank-approval. This can lead to long delays, or sales that fall through entirely.
  9. What if there are problems with the closing?  The process of buying or selling a home is stressful and closing problems occasionally do occur. Entering a closing with deadlines for specific actions and knowing what happens to earnest money if problems arise can help protect you, as can having an agent representing you.
  10. Can I save money by buying a home without hiring a buyer’s agent?  Generally, no – and you would often pay more without us. Buyer’s agents are normally compensated by an arrangement in which the commission paid by the seller is split between the two involved brokers. Thus, it does not cost you to have an agent. Most importantly, we will have the information and understanding of the marketplace to find and negotiate the best deal for you – that’s what an agent does for a client.
  11. What if I have other questions about the sale or purchase process?  Contact us! Just call 754-779-8080, 10am to 11pm, 7 days a week.

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