Once you have spent time in South Florida, you will come to know that there are two types of ice cream in the world

  1. Jaxson’s
  2. All others

Jaxson’s of Dania Beach marked it’s 60th anniversary last night, with a great fundraiser for Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. 

There were performances, an auction outside, and it was an excellent time to enjoy some amazing ice cream. 


The event also exemplifies the mood of South Florida — it’s a warm and fun celebration, indoors and outside, at any time of year. 



It’s true!  You can now type a 🌴.  Most browsers, phones, and computers now support emoji, those little smileys and other fun symbols.  If yours is up to date that was a cute little image of a palm tree.  (Actually palms are not trees, but that is what the symbol is called.) It was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 (details here).  One way to get a 🌴is to copy and paste this one.


If it works on enough platforms, you will start to see lots of little 🌴’s on this site.  Of course if you want to see palms at home and you are now in a cold place, you know what to do: 

Live Here! 

Call Me…   🌴 🌴 🌴


icon2 house-with-palms

In case you are not seeing the palms in the text above, here are some real ones!

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