Why Have an Agent?

You may not be sure if you need a Realtor® to help you find a home.  Think about it — for one of the largest purchases you will ever make in life, you can have expert help, or you can “wing it” — which choice makes sense?

Why have an agent?

An agent is someone who represents a client’s interests.  The sellers have an agent — a real estate professional who “knows the game” and looks out for them.  It is important to remember you can have an agent too.  

Why not just call the person whose name and picture are are on the “For Sale” sign?

That person is the seller’s agent, also known as a “listing agent”.  Please don’t misunderstand; most real estate professionals are nice people who do their jobs well.  But that is just the point — the job of a seller’s agent is to the get the best possible deal for the sellers.  We should work on getting the best deal for you, the buyer.

But can I afford an agent?

It does not cost you anything!  In a real estate sale, the seller pays commission.  If both buyer and seller have agents, they split the commission.  The agent helps you find a property, asks questions about it, does the research, and helps you to negotiate the best possible deal.  In reality, you probably can’t afford not to have an agent.

…And you thought only movie stars and the CIA could have agents!  🙂

Why choose Sam Brown and LiveHereCallMe.Com?

Sam is not only a Realtor®, but also an entrepreneur and a photographer.  An understanding of research and negotiation is useful both in finding the right property and getting the best deal for you.  Having professionally-taken pictures helps you to see the property, even if you are not here in Florida when we look at it.  This website has been carefully designed to be the best publicly-available property search tool on the internet, if you are looking in Southeast Florida.

How can I look for a house in Florida while I am still here at home out of state?

Do it by calling 754-779-8080.  We will discuss what you need and what you want  for your tropical home.  It’s not a high-pressure sales pitch; it’s a fun call where we can explore the possibilities.  You will get not only listings (with more detail than what you will generally find on web searches), but research, and pictures taken of the places that interest you most.

Most listings already have pictures.  Why take more?

Pictures in real estate listings are taken to help sell the property.  We are taking pictures for you, the buyer.  The objective is present an unbiased view of what it is like to be there.

But I do have to go see the place before buying it, don’t I?

It may be good idea for you, but ultimately it is your choice.  A real estate transaction can be done entirely by “remote control”.  If your time is tight and you want to visit, we can set up a visit.


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