Who Are These Guys?

More than a team of one…

Although a real estate agent is considered an independent contractor or sole proprietor,  John Donne was right when he penned the immortal words “No man is an island” .  You will gain from the perspective and experience not only of your agent Sam, but also of the other important folks who will help to make your tropical dreams into reality.


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Sam Brown

A note from Sam:

Throughout my life, I have been in business often. It started in the late 1970’s with a retail electronics distributorship in Pikesville, MD, which brought price relief to buyers in an era of high mark-ups. In the early 80’s, my venture into radio station ownership gave folks in suburban Syracuse a new level of quality programming; and starting in 1992 Baltimore-Washington Telephone created local calling for people once forced to make expensive long-distance calls within their home region. The common thread is that I have worked to offer needed products and services in new ways that could succeed by providing unique and significant benefits to consumers.

When buying my first Florida home more than a decade ago, and the one where I live now it became clear that it was difficult to buy a place here while living elsewhere. This has changed; now to “Live Here!” all you have to is “Call Me…”. The research and the looking will be done here, and you will get the results, pictures, and advice you need to make an informed decision. What we will do for you is exactly what I wanted done for me – I do believe the “Golden Rule” should apply in business.

John, the Navigator

Here to Help…

We would be lost without him!  Sometimes John may literally be navigating as we look for the perfect home for you, or occasionally answering the phone or e-mail while Sam is helping someone find tropical paradise.  John is also an excellent researcher, able to find out almost anything about anything. You are sure to enjoy meeting and working with John; he is one of the nicest people you will ever meet.

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*Disclaimer: The orange depicted in this section should not be considered typical of the size of Florida oranges.




And many more…

A network at work

Buying or selling a house is not just a transaction; it’s a project.  It requires people, resources, and information coming together to make it happen.

A Real Estate Agent is an independent contractor to a brokerage.  Brokers are the important folks who handle the money and have substantial legal responsibilities in the course real estate dealings.  That is why we always make clear that Sam is working with Highlight Realty — one of South Florida’s very best firms.

We also have good contacts in the mortgage field.  They can make sure you are pre-approved for financing, and that you get the type of available mortgage that best meets your needs and goals.

Once our search gets us to the home you really want, we can also arrange for a home inspector to check it, and the right contractors and other professionals to make repairs or modifications you may want or need.  They are also an important part of the team that will get this project done.



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