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Why us?   — Very few websites have complete listings — But we do!

Many websites have property listings, but they are not complete. When you look for properties, you are seeing listings placed by the agents representing sellers or landlords. These are placed in any of four different systems (known as MLS’s).  Web searches typically show only some of these systems, so they are missing some of the available property choices; when we do a search for you, we have them all.




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A love of Florida!

Like many here in the Sunshine State, Sam started as a visitor and progressed!  After a decade and a half of staying with relatives for part of each winter, the time came almost 15 years ago to buy a part of paradise.  Then the “second home” evolved into a seasonal home, and got upgraded to the larger house that is now simply known as “home”.  Whether you want to “ease in” or “jump in”, we can help you find your place in the sun.  

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Second Home

If you love the warmth, scenery, people, and mood of Sunny South Florida, but you have strong ties and reasons to keep your primary residence elsewhere, this is a great way to get your piece of the tropical dream.  It is a great experience to come home when you want to “get away”, to a familiar place that you have made right for you — that’s nicer than almost any hotel stay!


After years of work, you are ready to relax.  You know you feel healthier in warmer weather, and you’re done with snow and ice!  There is a reason why so many folks flock to Florida. 


You have a choice of where to live, so pick a place that is warm and fun!